Apr 122018

Il giorno 13 Aprile alle ore 12 presso il laboratorio Lidia Multifunzionale, Facoltà di Ingegneria e Architettura, l’ing. Andrea Coppola terrà il seminario dal titolo


Abstract: Satellite telecommunication is the most mature of space applications, beginning more than 55 years ago with the launch of first satellites. Ever after the demand of throughput increased more and more and, with the growth of Internet, bidirectional satellite communications have been developed. Skylogic main business is focused on broadband satellite systems that find application wherever the traditional landline is not sufficient to deliver high throughput data connections.

This talk aims at introducing the broadband satellite systems and at enlightening the challenges that need to be faced to design and operate them. These are the main activities carried out daily by Skylogic and include network traffic engineering, data machine analysis, satellite resource optimization, QoS traffic management and data center design and monitoring. Finally, the presentation will underline the importance of cooperating with the cutting edge technology firms of the telecommunication business.

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