Apr 282022
Avviso evento Think Camp Rural Development 10 luglio-16 luglio 2022

The Think Camp is a traditional activity on international cooperation within the network of the Euroleague for Life Sciences. It is organised by faculties and departments that focus on economics, management and social sciences from CZU Prague, BOKU Vienna, SGGW Warsaw, the University of Hohenheim and the Wageningen University and Research Centre, and in cooperation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the University of Copenhagen. The Think camp is also open for students from other universities. It addresses rural development issues in interdisciplinary views and aims to bring students and teachers from various countries and fields of work together in order to discuss relevant topics, to exchange knowledge and experience, to improve the quality of students’ work and to improvethe skills of students in a practical project.

For more information please consult the poster below: ELLS Think Camp Rural Development 2022

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