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Some information on Unica – UAS Bielefeld Double Degree Programme

This double degree programme well expresses the unique nature of our educational offer: it is a joint German-Italian study programme between our bachelor degree programme in Business and Economics – University of Cagliari (UNICA – Italy) – and the bachelor programme in International Studies in Management – Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (UAS – Germany). This study programme is based on the sharing of ideas, students and professors between the two universities.

Structure of the Programme

During the first-year Italian and German students will attend courses and take exams at their own university. Students from both universities will work together in Cagliari to complete the second year and will then move to Bielefeld to complete the third year and graduate. From the beginning of the second year, all lectures are held in English. You will have the opportunity to live and experience the exciting atmosphere of international classrooms, which are also open to Erasmus students. Upon completion of the three-year programme, you will receive a degree from both universities: the Italian Bachelor in Business Economics (BE) and the German Bachelor in International Studies in Management.

Knowledge & skills

This international programme helps you to develop a methodical approach to understand the structure of multinational enterprises and international markets. Computational skills, principles of economics and law represent just a basic part of your equipment. You will learn to analyse the ways in which management, shareholders, and other stakeholders operate multinationals within the economy and society. You will learn how financial institutions allocate finances to firms and how organisations plan and control their operations, market their products and services and manage labour relations. Great emphasis will also be put on learning German.

Graduate Destinations

This double degree will create an ideal basis to start your career within the challenging environment of multinational enterprises. Job opportunities will be prominent in the business/management work – within or outside the European Union – as sales, marketing, accounting, finance and organisation managers. Yet, this course will also provide you with a solid background to successfully go on to further academic study.

Enrolment requirements

The international course is limited to a maximum of 10 Italian students and 10 German students. Entry on the course requires a minimum of a B2 level in English and the passing of a selection process based on the admission test score and a motivational interview. Students can apply for a dedicated scholarship within the European Erasmus+ programme to support their stay abroad.

Duration of study

3 years (180 ECTS-Credits)

Degree Level

Double Bachelor Degree: the Italian degree in Business Economics and the German degree in International Studies in Management.

Application and beginning of studies

Apply on-line by the end of August at: https://unica.esse3.cineca.it/

Admission test: first week of September.

The degree programme begins the first week of October.


Course coordinator: Prof. Alessandro Mura

Student Administration Office: Via S. Ignazio, 74 – 09123 Cagliari

Italy Phone +39 070 6753348

Email: segrstudeconomia@unica.it

Web site: http://corsi.unica.it/economiaegestioneaziendale/

University of Cagliari University of Cagliari (Italy) Web site: http://www.unica.it/pub/english/

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Germany) http://www.fh-bielefeld.de/studium/studsek


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