Master’s Degree in Economics, Finance and Public Policy


A career in Economics…is much more than you think


The Master’s Degree in Economics, Finance And Public Policy is a two-year graduate course (Laurea Magistrale). The course offers students the foundation for a career as a professional economist and financial expert in private and public institutions.

The course is worth 120 formative credits. It includes 10 or 11 compulsory exams (depending on the curriculum), an internship period (an on-the-job training in an organized structure such as a private company or a public institution, 6 credits), and 9 credits devoted to student’s choice activities. The final examination  (which is worth 18 credits in the study plan) consists on the defense of a dissertation in front a Committee composed by professors. The dissertation should be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor (relatore). The thesis should be written at the end of the programme and offers the opportunity to delve more deeply into and synthesize knowledge acquired in previous studies.

While all first year courses of the Master’s Degree in Economics, Finance And Public Policy are taught in Italian, starting in autumn 2018, most  second year courses will be taught in English. The dissertation can be written either in Italian or English. For most exams, international and Erasmus students may prepare for examinations and take them in English.


The student can choose between two curricula 1) Economics and Financial Markets and 2) Economics and Public Policy.

  • The first choice develops expertise mainly for banking management and risk management. Click here to get more information.
  • The second curriculum provides the student with expert knowledge to handle and interpret the problems of government administrations and public service companies, and for elaborating and evaluating policies. Click here to get more information.

For further information download the brochure.


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