Gianfranco Balboni


Gianfranco Balboni

Address: Department of Life and Environment Sciences
Via Ospedale 72
Phone: +39 070 675 8632

Curriculum vitae

1980: Degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Technology “Cum Laude”, University of Ferrara
1981: Degree in Pharmacy “Cum Laude”, University of Ferrara.
1986: PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
1986: Organic Chemistry Researcher.
1989-1998: Medicinal Chemistry Researcher.
1990: Specialization in Cosmetic Science and Technology.
1998- : Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry (CHIM/08): Course of Medicinal and Toxicologycal Chemistry (10 CFU) for Degree in Pharmacy; and Course of Toxicologycal Chemistry (7 CFU) for Degree in Toxicology.

Lines of research

  1. Synthesis and structure / activity relationship studies of opioid peptides and pseudopeptides derived from the Dmt-Tic pharmacophore (2′,6′-dimethyl-L-tyrosine – 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid).
    The discovery by us of this pharmacophore has resulted in a significant number of derivatives that are still the subject of numerous prestigious international collaborations. Among the most important compounds obtained in this area are definitely worth remembering: UFP-512: H-Dmt-Tic-Asp-Bid (Bid = 1H-benzimidazole-2-yl) (delta selective agonist) the subject of numerous studies on the antidepressant effect, interaction with mu / delta heterodimeric receptors, and electrophysiology of ion fluxes in the ischemic cerebral cortex; UFP-505: H-Dmt-Tic-Gly-NH-Bzl (mu agonist / delta antagonist) and MD-1: H-Dmt-Tic-Gly-NH-Ph (mu agonist / delta agonist) are currently being evaluated for their analgesic activity without induction of tolerance and dependence; MZ-2: H-Dmt-Tic-Lys-NH-Bzl (mu antagonist / delta antagonist), peptide able to fight osteoporosis and obesity.
  2. Non-peptide prokineticin receptor antagonists.
    Starting from some patents filed recently, with my group research have developed a new method of synthesis that allows easy access to these interesting derivatives. From an initial screening of about 50 compounds, we identified a some selective antagonists for the PKR-1 receptor. These new products have generated considerable interest in the national and international scientific communities and are currently the subject of numerous pharmacological studies in various fields which include: inflammatory pain, interaction with TRPV-1 receptor, multiple sclerosis, reproductive disorders, cerebral ischemia and hypopituitarism. Our research group has also developed the first prokineticin receptor antagonist containing 18F useful for PET imaging.
  3. Flavonoids.
    Since last year our research group is also involved in synthesis and development of flavonoids endowed with a broad-spectrum of activities. Indeed, considering that generally flavonoids show the same activities of resveratrol, we have established a series of collaborations with various national and international laboratories for the study of these compounds. Until now we showed that our derivatives are able of to bind aryl hydrocarbon receptors receptors manifesting a series of different effects: agonist, partial agonist and antagonist according to the different substituents. In addition, we have also highlighted their activity as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Currently, this class of compounds are ongoing studies on: the antioxidant effect (some of them showed values 3 times higher than those of Trolox used as a reference), mitochondrial biogenesis, modulation of SIRT1 activity, and the ability to chelate metals associated with the beta-amyloid.
  4. Photocytotoxic diaryl-pyridines.
    Lately, after stressing the antiproliferative activity of some diaryl-pyridines, in view of their structure, we have identified the possibility of obtaining new compounds with photocytotoxic properties after introduction of fluorescent groups. In preliminary studies they showed photocytotoxic activity at submicromolar dosage in different cell lines.

Publications from 2008 to 2015

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  3. CAO S; CHAO D; ZHOU H; BALBONI G; XIA Y. (2015) A novel mechanism for cytoprotection against hypoxic injury: delta-opioid receptor-mediated increase in Nrf2 translocation. BR. J. PHARMACOL.vol. 172, p. 1869-1881.
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Active collaborations with other research groups

Prof. Ying Xia Department of Neurosurgery; University of Texas Medical School at Houston (USA).
Prof. Neumeyer L. John, McLean Hospital, Harward Medical School (USA).
Prof. Mi Hee Lim, Life Science Institute, University of Michigan (USA).
Prof. George R. Susan, Department of Pharmacology; University of Toronto (CANADA).
Prof. Graciela Pineyro, Department of Psychiatry and Pharmacology, University of Montreal (CANADA).

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