Valentina Onnis


Valentina Onnis

Address: Department of Life and Environmental SciencesUnit of Pharmaceutical, Pharmacological and Nutraceutical SciencesVia Ospedale 72, I-09124 Cagliari, Italy
Phone: +39 0706758632
Fax: +39 0706758612

Curriculum vitae

1989: master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at University of Cagliari.

1990: master degree in Pharmacy at University of Cagliari.


2014: Medicinal Chemistry Associate Professor (Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, Unit of Pharmaceutical, Pharmacological and Nutraceutical Sciences, University of Cagliari).
2001-2014: Medicinal Chemistry Assistant Professor (University of Cagliari).
1991-2001: Graduated technician at the University of Cagliari.
2013-: Member, Board of the PhD program in Life Environmental and Drug Sciences (University of Cagliari)
2011-2013: Member, Board of the PhD program in Pharmaceutical Science and technologies (University of Cagliari)
2006-2011: Member, Board of the PhD program in Toxicology (University of Cagliari).
2004-2010: Member, Board of the PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Ferrara).


From 2011: Professor, Medicinal Chemistry (School of Pharmacy, University of Cagliari)
2001-2010 and 2011-2015: Professor, Drug Analysis (School of Pharmacy, University of Cagliari)

Professional Societies
Member of Italian Chemical Society

Lines of research

Scientific activity: The major research interests are: 1) the design and synthesis of biologically active compounds, especially antitumor, analgesic, antimicrobial agents, and enzyme inhibitors 2) development of new methodology for the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles.

Le ricerche sono inerenti alla progettazione, sviluppo di metodologie sintetiche per sistemi eterociclici ad attività biologica, studio delle realzioni struttura attività di molecole dotate di attività antitumorale, analgesica e antimicrobica di inibitori enzimatici.
In particolare progettazione sintesi e studio dei rapporti struttura attività di:
– derivati pirrolcarbotioamidici, bispiridilmetanici, tioxopiridinici, oxopiridinici, 2,4- dioxopiridinici, dicianopiridinici, trifluorometilpiridinici, diaminopirazolici, antranilici e complessi metalli di transizione con derivati acetamidrazonici e pirimidinici aventi attività antitumorale;
–  derivati pirrolici, imidazolici, isotiazolici aventi attività antibatterica;
–  derivati S-alchilisotiosemicarbazonici e isonicotinoilidrazonici aventi attività antitubercolare;
– derivati pirimidinici e triazinici dotati di attività agonista od antagonista sui recettori per prokineticine;
–  derivati trifluorometilpiridinici ed ammidi eterocicliche dell’ibuprofene aventi attività analgesica;
– derivati di condensazione tra FANS classici e composti eterociclici poliazotati quali inibitori dell’enzima FAAH.

Active collaborations with other research groups

Prof. Christopher Fowler, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience, Umea University, Sweden;
Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo, Endocannabinoid Research Group, Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, National Research Council, Pozzuoli, Italy;
Dr. Aron Lichtman, Department of Pharmacology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA;
National Cancer Insitute (Bethesda, MD, USA);
Prof. Claudiu Supuran, University of Florence, Italy;
Prof.ssa Lucia Altucci, Seconda Università di Napoli;
Dr. Bruno Catalanotti, Università of Naples Napoli Federico II, Italy;
Dr. Paola Barbara Arimondo, CNRS, Toulouse, France;
Prof. Stefano Costanzi, American University, Washington, USA;
Dr.  Orit Jacobson, National Health Institute, Bethesda, USA

Latest publications

  1. Abou-Hamdan M., Costanza M, Fontana E., Dario M., Musio S., Congiu C., ONNIS V, Lattanzi R., Radaelli M., Martinelli V., Salvadori S., MD, Negri L., Poliani P.L., MD, Farina C., Balboni G., Steinman L., Pedotti R. (2015). Critical role for prokineticin 2 in central nervous system autoimmunity. NEUROLOGY NEUROIMMUNOLOGY & NEUROINFLAMMATION, vol. 2, p. 1-10, ISSN: 2332-7812, doi: 10.1212/NXI.0000000000000095
  2. CONGIU C, ONNIS V, BALBONI G, Schiano-Moriello A, Di Marzo V, De Petrocellis L (2015). TRPV1 modulators; Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of 1-heteroarylpiperidinecarboxamide and piperazinylurea derivatives. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 100, p. 129-138, ISSN: 0223-5234, doi:
  3. Caboni P, Aissani N, Demurtas M, Ntalli N, ONNIS V (2015). Nematicidal activity of acetophenones and chalcones against Meloidogyne incognita and structure-activity considerations. PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, ISSN: 1526-498X, doi: 10.1002/ps.3978
  4. Vanessa Garnier, Wael Traboulsi, Aude Salomon, Sophie Brouillet, Thierry FOURNIER, Carine Winkler, Beatrice Desvergne, Pascale Hoffmann, Qun-Yong Zhou, CONGIU C, ONNIS V, Mohamed Benharouga, Jean-Jacques Feige, Nadia ALFAIDY (2015). PPAR controls pregnancy outcome through activation of EG-VEGF: New insights into the mechanism of placental development. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY: ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM, ISSN: 0193-1849, doi: 26079089
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