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Curriculum vitae

Eleonora graduated in Archaeology and History of Art in 2017 at the University of Cagliari with a thesis entitled “Applications of Molecular Archaeology. The cases of the catacombs of Sant’Antioco and the archaeological area of Santa Caterina of Cagliari” under the supervision of Professor R. Martorelli.

For 4 years she has been involved in various projects concerning the characterization of ancient oral microbiota, and the extraction and analysis of ancient bacterial DNA from teeth recovered in archaeological contexts.

In April 2018 she joined the XXXIII Cycle of PhD program in Life, Environment and Drug Sciences at the University of Cagliari with the scholarship PON under the supervision of Professor Maria Manconi.
She is currently working on a project focused on the development of innovative nano-formulations carrying natural molecules to obtain nasal sprays intended for the treatment of the nasopharyngeal system.

During her PhD, she works as a tutor in the lab of Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Cagliari.

In accordance with her industrial PhD, she spent six months at Sakura Italia to improve her skills and to learn about the production of her nano-formulations on an industrial scale.

She is a junior member of A.D.R.I.T.E.L.F (Association of Italian Teachers and Researchers in Pharmaceutical Technologies and Legislation) and participated in its advanced schools in Pharmaceutical Technology for two years (Como 2018 and Soverato 2019) with two posters entitled “Red Grape Pomace Extract loaded in soluble fiber-enriched liposomes as prebiotic and antioxidant system for intestinal protection” and an entitled “Evaluation of sprayability of phospholipid vesicles incorporating Cardiospermum halicacabum extract for nasal drug delivery”.




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