Stefania Casula



Curriculum vitae

I earned my MSc in Natural Sciences with honor in September 2015, with a thesis in population genetics entitled “Analysis of COI, COII, ND1 e ND5 mitochondrial genes in two Sardinian populations of Papilio hospiton Géné (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae)”. The aim had been to assess the comprehensive variability and the presence of structuring at intrapopulation level. During the thesis training, I learnt how to manage the laboratory work, from the extraction to sequencing, to the interpretation of sequence data, inferring phylogenesis in the light of existing theories in population genetics.
After graduating I have been involved in the elaboration of a project proposal on behalf of the Department of Cell Biology and Neurosciences of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, with the following title: “Improving compliance in young subjects with psycho-sensorial deficit (PSD subjects) through child-friendly medical devices in dentistry and oftalmology”.

In October of the current year, I started my PhD under the supervision of Prof.ssa Elisabetta Marini, whose comprehensive work focuses on assessing body composition at the population level. Currently I focusing on the agreement of impedentiometric variables taken with different patient positioning, with the aim of rendering the experimental protocol for body composition assessment as comfortable as possible, and hence more easy and suitable, in elderly people.

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