Stefania Solinas



Curriculum vitae

Stefania earned the bachelor’s degree in Applied Bioecology (Ecological and Marine curriculum) in April 2010, and the master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology in March 2014 both at University of Cagliari.
She attained her bachelor internship in the laboratory of Organic Chemistry direct by Dr. Maria Grazia Cabiddu, her laboratory work was based on synthesis of new organic molecules for the development of biologically active molecules; while her master internship was attained in the laboratory of Molecular Anthropology directed by Prof. Carla Maria Calò. Her experimental thesis was focused on the study of NOS2 gene related to Malaria in Sardinia.

As an undergraduated student she conducted a semester of experimental work in the Institut für Molekulare Virologie at Universitätsklinikum Ulm under the supervision of Prof. Frank Kirchhoff and Dr. Daniel Sauter. During her internship she investigated the ability of HIV-1 to inhibit the activation of the transcription factor NFkB, and she also investigated whether primate lentivirus that not encode a Vpu gene may use the accessory protein Vpx to perform this function.

Stefania joined the XXXIII cycle PhD program in Life, Environmental and Drug Science at University of Cagliari in 2017 and She is working with Prof. Alessandra Padiglia on a project focused on Porphyria deseases.

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