Regulations for PhD students’ didactic activities

PhD students must obtain the total 180 FC (Formative Credits) divided over the three years and must achieve a level of knowledge of the English language equal to B2.

The acquisition of the FC is agreed with the respective Tutors and must follow the attached scheme in which both the compulsory and optional training path are highlighted.

The FC missing upon completion of the required obligations (45 FC 1st year; 43 FC 2nd year, 39 FC 3rd year) must be completed with the other items shown in the table.

The achievement of level B2 (C1 from XXXVI cycle) allows the recognition of 4 FC that can be acquired in any of the three years of the course even if in the attached table it is indicated in the third year. The 18 FC relating to passing the compulsory and optional courses is indicatively proposed with a subdivision of 10 FC in the first year and 8 FC in the second year. In agreement with the tutor and with the annual scheduling of lessons, the student can however also provide a different division. The essential FC to be acquired in the three years can therefore be modified, except that 18 FC must still be achieved within the first two years and 4 English FC within the third year.

Within the first 6 months of the start of the doctorate, doctoral candidates must present, concurrently signed by their respective tutors, a concise plan of scientific. At the end of the first and second year, doctoral candidates must present, countersigned by their respective Tutors, a concise report on the past scientific activities and a concise  report of the FC acquired.


Once a year, and with an organization by curriculum, all doctoral students must present the results of their research to the teachers and colleagues of their curriculum. It is compulsory to present the seminar and to attend the presentations of the doctoral colleagues of your curriculum (even years other than your own). It is optional to participate in the presentations of PhD students from other curricula.

Credits value of activities

International journal publication FC 6, 10 if first or last name
National journal publication FC 3, 4 if first or last name
Chapter of book from international editor FC 5, 10 if first or last name
Chapter of book from national editor FC 2, 3 if first or last name
International congress participation FC 2/day
National congress participation FC 1/day
Poster presentation to an international congress FC 3 first name, 2 other position (+ 2 for participation)
Poster presentation to a national congress FC 2 first name, 1 other position (+ 1 for participation)
PhD Student Oral presentation to an international congress   FC 5 (+ 2 for participation)
PhD Student Oral presentation to a national congress FC 3 (+ 1 for participation)
National workshop or stage FC 2 / day
International workshop or stage FC 3 / day
Abroad stay FC 5 / 30 days
Other Uni stay (in Italy) FC 3 / 30 days


Mandatory activity Description 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Courses Participation in mandatory and optional courses – Credits are indicated in PhD course web page. 10* 8* 0
Seminar Active participation: presentation of the results of own research 10 10 10
Seminar Passive participation: attending colleagues’ presentations 5 5 5
Test (intermediate) Specific tutor meeting 5 5 5
Test (intermediate) Presentation of annual research results to professors’ board 15 15 0
Test (final) Presentation of annual research and thesis contents to professors’ board 0 0 15
English Obtaining a B2 level certificate 0 0 4**
Other Participation in congresses/workshops/stages 2 Credits per day 0 0 5
Total of mandatory credits*** 45 43 39
Optional activity Description      
Courses Optional courses on doctoral topics Max 10 Max 10 0
Other Participation in presentations of research activity of colleagues from a different curriculum or in courses which are mandatory for another curriculum students = 0.2 Credits/hour of seminar Max10 Max 10 Max 10
Research activity Publications At will At will At will
Research activity Participation in congress/workshops/stages– copy of registration must be sent to the PhD coordinator At will At will At will
Research/Training activity Participation in seminars/webinars on doctoral topics = 0.2 Credits/hour of seminar with final test –0.15 Credits hour without final test **** Max 10 Max 10 Max 10
Abroad stay Periods from 6 to 18 months At will At will At will
  Total of optional credits 15 19 21
*The division (10 + 8) of mandatory courses credits between the first and the second year is an example: the total of 18 credits can be distributed between the two years at will, in accordance with the tutor

**The English certificate could be obtained in any of the years of the PhD.

***The student is exempted from obtaining the credits from a mandatory activity only if he/she is abroad for research/training during the period in which the activity is planned. The “report of annual research results to professors’ board” remains mandatory in any case.

**** for seminar or webinar with or without test, the coordinator should receive a copy of registration and the “SEMINAR ATTENDANCE FORM filled with seminar information and, when possible, seminar organiser’s signature.


All activities must be discussed and approved by the tutor.


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