Drug Sciences Curriculum


The Curriculum aims at providing a sound knowledge designed to form qualified drug experts.
In particular, in-depth analysis will concern synthesis and extraction of drugs and bioactive molecules, analysis of structure-activity relationships, study and application of analytical methods for drug identification and dosage, formulation and development of traditional and innovative (drug delivery systems) pharmaceutical dosage forms to improve biopharmaceutical properties; characterization of stability and quality control of the final medicinal products, and pharmaceutical technologies applied to regenerative medicine;
nutritional properties and chemical composition of food products and supplements; evaluation of the toxicological risk.

More specifically, the learning objectives for the first year include:

  • Drug design and synthesis by special methods and synthetic approaches; structures and analysis of molecules of biological interest; development and validation of analytical techniques; phytochemical applications.
  • Synthesis and study of organic materials and biological compounds and characterization by spectroscopic techniques and computational chemistry.
  • Preformulation, biopharmaceutical principles, design, development and control of a conventional or innovative (Drug Delivery Systems) pharmaceutical dosage form; pharmacokinetics and metabolism.
  • Psychopharmacology and  Genetic manipulations in neuro-psychopharmacology research.
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