Drug Sciences Curriculum


The Curriculum aims at providing a sound knowledge to train qualified experts in the pharmaceutical field.

In particular, issues will be addressed concerning: the synthesis of drugs and bioactive molecules; extraction of biologically active molecules from natural matrices and their qualitative-quantitative characterization by means of analytical techniques; the study of the structure-activity relationships, mechanism of action and the molecular basis of the behavioural effects of newly synthesized and/or naturally derived substances; the application of analytical methodologies for the recognition and dosage of drugs and toxicants; the nutraceutical studies of compounds, the formulation and development of traditional and innovative drug delivery systems, studies of characterization, stability and quality control of the final medicinal products.

More specifically, the learning objectives include:

  • rational design of bioactive molecules also applying computational methods, synthesis through advanced methods, analysis of molecules of biological interest, phytochemical applications;
  • synthesis and study of organic materials and biological compounds and characterization by spectroscopic techniques;
  • studies on the nutritional properties and chemical composition of food products and supplements; toxicological risk assessment;
  • in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro analysis of the molecular basis of the behavioural effects of newly synthesized, naturally derived and/or psychotropic substances;
  • preformulation, design, development, and control of the stability of conventional or innovative drug delivery systems; pharmacokinetics and metabolism studies.
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