Masala Valentina




Curriculum vitae

Valentina graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Cagliari on May 27th 2021, with an experimental thesis entitled “Application of green extraction techniques for the recovery of phenolic compounds from feijoa flowers” under the supervision of Prof. Carlo I. G. Tuberoso.

After her degree, she spent a year working as a Pharmacist in Cagliari.

She is currently a PhD student in the PhD Program in Life, Environmental and Drug Sciences (Drug Sciences Curriculum), under the supervision of Prof. Carlo I. G. Tuberoso, with a project entitled “Exploitation of bioactive compounds with antioxidant activity from agro-food industry waste”.

According to her PhD project, she spent three months at the Faculty of Food and Technology, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek; Croatia, to perform different extraction techniques.



Caddeo, C.; Tuberoso, C.I.G.; Floris, S.; Masala, V.; Sanna, C.; Pintus, F. A Nanotechnological Approach to Exploit and Enhance the Bioactivity of an Extract from Onopordum illyricum L. Leaves. Plants, 2023, 12, 1453.



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