Puliga Roberta




Curriculum vitae

Roberta graduated with honors at the University of Cagliari, both in 2019 in Biological Sciences (EQF level 6; thesis title: “Measurement of Dopamine content in brain homogenates following the administration of nanoparticles: possible therapy for Parkinson’s”) and in 2021 in Neuropsychobiology (EQF level 7; thesis title: “Role of the mesocortical dopaminergic system in the cognitive symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis”).

Roberta carried out her internships in the laboratory of Microdialysis directed by Professor Laura Dazzi. She analyzed the functioning of the mesocortical dopaminergic system using animal models, in the study of Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Addiction and behavioral disorders.

After her Master’s degree, she spent an Erasmus studentship at the Bernal Institute of University of Limerick (Ireland) where she learned to apply molecular biology techniques to study Autism prevention.

She is currently a PhD student of the Doctoral School of Life, Environmental and Drugs Sciences (Drugs Sciences CV) of the University of Cagliari under the supervision of Professors Elio Acquas, Valentina Bassareo and Laura Dazzi. Roberta’s PhD’s project and present research interests focus on the study of the neurobiology of alcohol addiction.


  • Dedoni, S., Scherma, M., Camoglio, C., Siddi, C., Dazzi, L., Puliga, R., Frau, J., Cocco, E., & Fadda, P. (2023). An overall view of the most common experimental models for multiple sclerosis. Neurobiology of disease, 184, 106230. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nbd.2023.106230
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